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We strictly follow electronics recycling compliance to comply with all government regulatory requirements and customer's corporate social responsibility. We provide cost-efficient and sustainable IT asset solutions for OEM, assisting you in building a wasteless product lifecycle and assuring the comprehensive closed-loop process.


Product recalls, overstock, obsolete inventory, prototype destruction, manufacturing scrap, and counterfeit products, we provide environmentally responsible recycling service for manufacturers of all types of electronic equipment.

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To help you minimize costs and maximize the recouping of losses, we can professionally manage your customer's returned and open-box products, also your retired electronics devices and IT equipment in the retail stores.


We acknowledge the importance of data security to the educational institution. You can have the reliefs when we take care of your various devices including computers, laptops, tablets. We also connect to our donation program for the communities, so partner with us to help the society and save the planet together.

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We can help the financial services business to end the loop on IT assets by providing secure data wiping and destruction, the most efficient manner to maximize the return on your asset. 


We recognize the strict regulation of healthcare data security and will serve you a reliable IT asset management with stringent compliance. We can also customize a program for your special healthcare devices. Contact us today for more information.

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We help different government departments including education, treasury, transportation to eliminate the confidential data securely and maximize returns on the retired IT equipment. 


We can professionally handle telecom company's numerous kinds of IT equipment disposal across the country and also the consumers' mobile electronics. 



Office equipment such as desktop computers and printers, or retail store's electronic devices including payment terminals and LED display screens are not problems to us. A satisfying service with a cost-effective price for you is promised. 


We provide personalized solutions for residential and property management groups across the country. Contact us today to schedule a residential event for your community.

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